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Agility Classes: 

Pre-requisites- recommend at least Level One Obedience. Most practice is off leash. Flat collar only. Dogs should be a year old at least.

    Beginning Agility: work on jumps, control of dog using hand and voice commands. Progress to contact equipment if able.
    Advanced Agility: continue on control of dog and signals. Use of all equipment as owner/dog team progresses. 

Obedience Level One and Two:

    Obedience 1 is worked on leash. Consists of heeling on leash, stand for examine, long sits and downs. Dogs should be 6 months of age or older, but ask the instructor if you are not sure.
    Obedience Level 2 offers the owner the opportunity to work off leash if they feel comfortable with their skills. It can also be done on leash. Continues the groundwork of Obedience 1 but stresses less leash work and more control of the dog.
    Competition Obedience is offered on demand. This is for dogs who are working towards a AKC or UKC title in obedience.

Conformation Classes:

    If you are interested in showing your dog in UKC or AKC  conformation, this class will help you learn how to compete or help you get ready for the upcoming show season. Offered when there is a demand. 

Canine Drill Team: 

    Drill Team members consist of a dog and handler marching to music in a choreographed pattern with other members. Great opportunity to work closely with dogs and other club members. 

 Freestyle is 'dancing with your dog'. Dog and owner work on a one on one choreographed pattern to music. 
Flyball Beginning & Team Flyball:

    Beginning Flyball starts the groundwork of Flyball, working on ball drive and slowly progressing towards a series of jumps. Dog starts working with the box and getting comfortable with it.
    Team Flyball is starting to tie the sequencing all together and working towards team development and getting ready to eventually compete.
Dogs should be at least a year old. Most work is done off leash so dog must be controllable and able to work along side other dogs and people. Non-aggressive dogs only. Flat collar.
Therapy Dog & BARC dog:

    Therapy dog works with owner and dog getting them used to the items and situations a dog might find when visiting hospitals, adult day care centers and nursing homes. Owner and dog must pass a test after completing the course to receive the TD title. 

    BARC Dogs are trained to work with children with disabilities. The dog learns to sit or lie quietly while the child reads to the dog. This is a popular and effective way to get kids to read. This is done through the schools and public libraries.

    Rally is described as "fun" obedience. The emphasis is not on such precision exercises as competition obedience has, and dog/owner team work a course following a series of signs telling them what they should do.

Puppy Class:

    Puppy class is for the new pup. This is a great way for the new owner and pup to socialize with other dogs and people during the critical informative months. 
Pet First Aid:  

    Pet First Aid is a Red Cross certified program for teaching pet owners or people who work with pets CPR and other life saving skills until they can get to a vet.

                              Walk The Dog

" Walk the Dog" - Come learn to walk with your dog in a variety of environments and have a good experience for all. We will meet the first night at the fairgrounds, and other nights in different areas to work on walking skills. You do not need to have previous obedience training for this class. it is for all Levels.

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