We will try to address a few of the questions that are frequently asked by people. Health questions please refer to your veterinarian. 

Q: Do I have to own a dog to be a member of the Paul Bunyan Dog Training Association?

 A:   No, and in fact there are always things we need help with if you are a dog lover but unable to have a dog at this time. Contact us, we'll get you involved. 

Q: Do I have to have a purebred dog to join? 

 A:   No, many of us in the club are proud owners of dogs of questionable heritage. We are a training club and while many of members show in Conformation, many dog venues are open to both purebred and mixed breeds to compete in.

Q: What If I want my kid to train our dog. She (he) is interested in dog sports. 

A:  We welcome families to join! If your child is 12 and under we ask that you stay on the grounds while they are in training. Another option is to join the 4-H Dog Training program. They even have their own club Northwoods 4-H Dog Club.

Q: When is your next Training Session?

 A:   Check our calendar or contact our trainers. The calendar is kept as up to date as possible. 

Q:  We are getting a new puppy, when can we start training him? 

A:    As soon as you get him home! Don't wait for a class to show you what to do. An excellent book to buy is "HOW TO RAISE A PUPPY YOU CAN LIVE WITH, 4TH EDITION
by Clarice Rutherford & David Neil    
  There are a lot of others out there too. We will add a book list to the web site.

Q:  We are thinking of getting two puppies from the same litter. Is this a good idea?
 A:   Not if you are a first time dog owner, want a dog who is going to be YOUR companion, and don't want 3 times the work a puppy can be.  Get your first dog and a year or so later get another pup if you want. Two puppies from the same litter will have the sibling bond first, and then their human bond. It is much better to get one pup and then a year or so later get a second dog.

Ok, I'm signing up for your obedience class because I want a well trained dog.

    If you listen, do your homework, and work with your dog every day, we will probably graduate a good dog owner with the tools to train their dog to be a excellent canine companion. Your dog will receive the benefit of socializing with strangers and strange dogs. You will be the one learning what to do. 

Q: How do I know what class I should enroll me and my dog in? 

A: Our Training Page is a good place to start. Your best bet is to contact the instructor of the class you are interested in and ask them for their opinion.
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